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Terms of Use

Last updated: 2018-Nov-13


"Your Free Shell" service is provided primarily for educational purposes,
although other uses may be permitted subject to these terms. In using the
service, you agree not to cause any disruption or harm to other users or to
the server itself.  Basically, you are expected to have good behaviour while
using the server, its resources, and while dealing with other users.  If you
do not agree to anything in this document, you must stop using the service
and request your account to be terminated.

Further, any use of the service which I deem to be objectionable will be
considered a violation of these terms.

Upon discovering a violation of these terms, I may issue a warning, or I
may terminate the account without warning, based on how serious I feel the
violation is.


By using "Your Free Shell" service, you agree that:

1. You will not attempt by any means to gain unauthorized access to any system
on the Internet or local area networks.

2. You will not scan any system for vulnerabilities via "port scanning" or
other means.

3. You will not download, store or build any code or software which is
malicious, such as viruses, malware or DDoS programs, that will cause
disruption or malfunction of any system on the Internet or local area networks.

4. You will not cause excessive use of bandwidth.

5. You will not run processes which cause unreasonable load on the CPU or
memory (examples include minecraft servers, folding@home or bitcoin mining)

6. You will not download or store pirated content.

7. You will not download or store content that is pornographic or obscene

8. You will not download or store content which is illegal in Canada (where I live) or Germany (where the server currently is).

9. You will not download or store any content which infringes any proprietary
rights (patents, trademarks, etc.) of any person or entity.

10. You will not engage in commercial activity.

11. You will not engage in spamming, phishing, or any other form of unsolicited

12. You will not engage in any kind of scam or fraud.

13. You will not promote racism, sexism, homophobia or encourage discrimination
or hatred based on ethnicity.

14. You will not harass, stalk, threaten or violate the privacy or legal rights
of any person.

15. You will not collect personal information of any person without their

16.  Generally, any activity that would be illegal in your country should be considered a violation of these terms.  However, in the case of laws which contradict the articles of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I consider such laws to be oppressive and I will not prevent you from exercising your human rights.  If you use the service to contravene any such oppressive laws in the interest of restoring human rights for you and/or the citizens of your country, I salute you.  However you do so entirely at your own risk.

Further, you agree that I may inspect any of your files stored on this server,
and you agree that I may hand over any files or data stored on this server
to police at any time.