Free Shell Accounts
Free SSH shells for you!

Express your interest in a free shell account here!

The process for obtaining an account is simple.  The biggest problem is finding a date/time to chat in IRC.  After filling out the form, I will hopefully reply soon with an invitation to meet on IRC for a short interview.  We will discuss your exact intentions for using the service (usually quick unless you want to do something unusual or which has high CPU/memory/diskspace demands), and go over the terms of service in detail.  If you pass the interview, I will email you a password to the shell and we can discuss whether or not you need an open port for your use.

At this time, the main reason for declining accounts is because of language barriers.  I really need to know you understand the terms and I also need to be able to reach you in case something strange happens with your account or running processes.  I have actually approved some applicants whose English was very poor, but enough to make me confident they understand the rules.

The field for preferred OS was from before I launched my server.  Now it has been decided (by you, collectively).  You can still enter your preferred OS in case I decide to add another server in the future.  I might also be able to help with getting you a test VM to practice with another Linux distribution if you can't set one up on your computer at home.

By filling out this form, you are giving your consent for me (and any authorized administrator helping me) to store and use your personal information as needed, for the purpose of (a) running the service, and (b) reporting any unlawful activity.