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By: falcon | June 18, 2016

It has been just over a week and the site is not showing up in search results.  When I submit it to Google, it shows up right away, then somehow gets removed.  Also, even in that brief moment when I submit it (which I have done repeatedly)  I can never find the site using the term "free shell account".  It only appears for the term "Free shell accounts".  This is silly, and will lead to people missing out on this site if they don't use the exact right search term.

As for Bing and Yahoo, who's results are all coming from Bing anyway, the site just isn't showing up at all.  Same for DuckDuckGo.  Maybe they will soon, but I'm running out of hope.

I guess things won't move as quickly as I'd like.  It could prove to be a test o...

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