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By: falcon | January 18, 2019

Now that the server has a long-term domain name, I have been adding e-mail software.  In light of this, I wanted to let members and prospective members know that I am not going to read anyone's e-mail messages, ever.

I still assert the right to check files in your home folder to make sure there is no illegal activity.  As this is an educational service only, I think that is a fair approach.  I already had one situation with criminal activity.  I don't like people who hurt or scam others, To prevent this happening, my only choices are to make the registration process much more difficult than it currently is, or to keep it easy but follow up with inspection of home folders.  Since this is a zero cost service, the latter makes the most sense to me.

The only time that I will touch your e-mail is if illegal activity is discovered.  In that case I will hand over the entire contents of your home folder to police along with any relevant logs.  I still won't read your e-mails, but I'm sure the police will.  So just don't do illegal things here and you will be fine.

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