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By: falcon | November 14, 2018

I have been having difficulty finding the time to sit down and process the backlogged applications received since the fire in November 2017. I am sorry that I have not been able to respond in a timely manner, but I still have all the applications and will answer them.

Instead of emailing applicants, I have been dealing with problems currently affecting the service.

Unexpected reboots The VPS has been randomly hard rebooting about once a week since August, and only this week did the hosting company agree that their system was at fault, and migrated the shell server to another hypervisor that I am hoping will be more stable.

Zoho is being annoying As you will see on the "Contact Us" page, Zoho has started rolling out a new account policy which includes mandatory SMS verification to use a Zoho account.  There are several reasons why this is problematic.  The main reason being the issue of somebody who only has a land-line phone or no phone at all.  Other issues include that Zoho offers zero-cost services so I don't think they are justified in demanding my personal phone number, just because they think that is the best way to "improve security."  Even users who initially agree to provide their mobile phone number are at risk of being locked out if the number is cancelled or suspended later.  For somebody running a site that serves other people, this unreliability is unacceptable in my opinion.

One good thing however, is that I finally decided upon a long term domain name for the shell server,, which means that users can have an email address that won't just be a user@localhost address which was how it used to be  configured on the laptop in my home.  I will let people know in IRC when the software is ready, including POP/IMAP access for email applications so you can check your email without needing to log into the shell each time. could evolve into something more than just a shell server.  When it comes to computers, I love to tinker, and I love to teach people even more than that!  It means a lot to me that I can empower people to have better knowledge and skills with computers and software, regardless of whether they are learning for their hobby, their career, online activism or just so they can prepare to delete Windows/Mac OS and use Linux instead!  (currently doesn't have a site, there is only for the shell server.  My web design skills are extremely limited, and I will need to learn a lot so I can make a good looking site without relying helplessly on a site builder)

Lastly, and just in case (with my bad luck) this site is locked before I get to submit a new website address, the backup/contingency website is which I can use to point people to a new site or to supply status updates in the event of an outage or significant communications breakdown.

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