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By: falcon | July 07, 2018

It has been about a month and I have been feeling terrible. I experienced such overwhelming negative emotions that I went to hospital to see a crisis counselor.

It sucks that depression has been blocking progress, even after I paid the first month's rental to get a VPS running. But on the other hand, if my mind was stable and I was employed or attending school, I probably would have even less time and energy to allocate to this service.

For now, I expect that you've got service with another shell provider. I am sorry that mine has been down for so many months.  It should be simple to sign up for a shell account, because of their educational value and because they are free of charge, but I know it isn't the case.  From my experience, it has honestly been easier to set up an entire shell service than to try to figure out what to say to the admins in IRC channels of other providers so they won't just reply with useless sarcastic comments.

With my mental health being a major barrier to starting formal post-secondary education, I truly understand how a shell account really does help anyone who wishes to learn to use a Linux system from the command line.

And once it is back up, feel free to stay in touch with me (and others if they are open to it) and to ask any questions about Linux which you have.  When I teach people the things I've learned, it helps me to avoid depressed isolation just as much as it helps them learn.  I named it "Your Free Shell" because it really is for you.  Not for me.  It has never occured to me that I would want to create an elitist hacker clique.  There's plenty of those.  I just think this is a good place for like-minded people to learn new things, see their programs or scripts work and maybe even make friends.  I think that is valuable to the world and provides me with a strong reason to keep battling my depression.

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Posted on : July 07, 2018

Hi Rashk0,<br /> Yes, all accounts are free - and there were already accounts created - they are going to be migrated to the new system as soon as I get my act together. And once the existing accounts are restored, more accounts will be added (for free).


Posted on : July 07, 2018

Hi<br /> will there be free accounts?

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