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By: falcon | June 21, 2017

Due to health-related problems, I was away throughout the month of May and the first three weeks of June.  I could not attend to the server and it went offline due to a power outage at my residence.

I am sorry for the disruption of service and I do not foresee any major interruption in the future.

Annoyingly, the dynamic address provider has stolen the address from me while I was away.  I have had to pick the new address,, for the time being.  After a few months, the dynamic address provider will release the original address (probably giving up that I am not going to pay for their service) and I will be able to go back to that.

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Posted on : January 05, 2018

It is good to see you back and I hope you have fully recovered your health. I hope you will get back the dynamic IP address as planned. I know that feeling when you are denied of something you have been using for a while.
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