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Hello there,

If you have arrived here, you are probably looking for a free shell account. Great! I am running a shell server that is free to use. It is a hobby project of mine that I have wanted to do for several years. Please use the 'Contact' page to express interest in obtaining a shell account.

When I began this free service in 2016, I wanted to be environmentally friendly and make use of old hardware that would otherwise be thrown away. I dusted off an old laptop, installed Debian, and signed up for a 2nd Internet connection to my house for the service. Now, with finances being tight, I have had to cancel the Internet line, and go with a virtual private server. Because VPSes are virtual machines, they are really cost effective and I'll be paying about 1/6th the monthly cost.

My goal is to help beginners learn to use the shell by providing a place to practice and explore. I am aware that some free shell providers do not accept applications from those who wish to practice and learn the command line. From my own experience when I was a novice, some communities' core members seem to think that if you don't have a software development project or other use case that really impresses them, then you're a nobody and you won't get an account there.  I would like to be different by allowing you to use your shell for learning, and by treating you with respect regardless of your skill level.

Aside from providing a shell service, I would also like to create a community where users can connect with each other and get help along the way. Other free shell providers make it mandatory to participate in the community by either requiring participation prior to getting an account, or by forcing users to log in to their IRC channel to keep their account active. I don't intend to do this. With my service, participation in the community will be optional and accounts will never expire as long as the service continues to run.

This community is tolerant of members who identify with LGBTQ.  I mean, in 2018 it should go without saying, but the world is still catching up.